Fix the Tiny Type Size in Word’s Comments

Tired eyes, tiny type? Bump up the font size in the Reviewing Pane to read Comments and tracked changes in MS Word with less strain.

The easiest fix is to change the zoom setting in the Reviewing Pane. This doesn’t change the actual font size, but it makes it easier to read! Scroll down for video demos using Word 365 for Mac and for Windows.(Instructions on increasing font size in Comment balloons are here, but they don’t work in the 2019 version of Word because Comments are now set to “normal” style.)

Zoom to increase the font size

Use cmd + H (or ctrl + H on Windows) to open this sidebar. Then click the page-like icon to see this Reviewing Pane.
  1. Place the cursor in any comment you can see in the Reviewing Pane. (That’s on the left-hand sidebar shown above).
  2. From the View menu, select Zoom, then click 200% and OK. (Or simply move the zoom slider at the bottom right of the Word window.)

Mac demo

Windows demo

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