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New Feature: Track Change “Cards”

Thanks, I hate it!

Word’s latest unecessary change is to make what’s it’s calling “cards” for every tracked change. They’re just a version of the pop-ups we used to have but with added memory-sucking action.

Word’s in-app announcement of this update (shown above) says “We’ve added new Track Changes cards to make it easier to review suggestions made by others. Click on someone else’s change to see details and accept or reject their suggestions.”

Example of a change card in action.

I have no idea what problem this solves. Changes were already shown inline, the cards just duplicate the information; they replace simpler pop-ups that didn’t look like “cards”, and offer no function that couldn’t be achieved with a right-click, essentially resulting in no functional change other than causing lags.

It boils down to a new, speed-hogging look. The pop-ups lag or don’t pop at all.

Thanks, Word. I hate it. How about turning attention to something broken, instead?

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