Q&A: Keyboard Shortcut to Exit a Comment

Q Is there a way to get out of a Comment without using the mouse?

Esc, ←

A Yes, press Escape! Keeping your hands on the keyboard is the fastest way to work, and the perfect alternative to a mouse that’s lost its juice.


For more tips for working with Comments, start with Section 4 of the book. Reader updates are found on the exclusive support site.

Be sure to click an arrow key before typing! Otherwise you will overwrite the word(s) that is attached to the Comment you were just in, deleting both the word(s) and the Comment.

Modern Comments add a wrinkle to this shortcut. While the ESC may still exit the comment, you won’t be able to leave another comment until that one you “escaped” is “posted.” To post and exit a comment, click the paper airplane button on the comment or use the keyboard shortcut:
Ctrl Enter (or Cmd Enter on a Mac)

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Esc key image by Thanapat Pirmphol from Pixabay.

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