Q&A: Word won’t suggest the correct spelling!

QWhen running a full Spellcheck, Word won’t suggest the right word. What can I do besides writing down the misspelling and searching it out later to correct it manually?

AYou’re in luck! Just click in the document itself and make the change (Fig. 1), then return to the Spellcheck (now called Editor) window and resume. See details and demo video below.

Fig. 1 Windows users can make corrections directly in the document (left) during a Spellcheck if the suggested corrections are not suitable.

Mac users have the additional option of clicking in the Spellcheck window where the problem is shown (Fig. 2), and typing the correction there. Then click Resume in the Spellcheck window and carry on with the spelling check.

Fig. 2 Mac users can type corrections directly into the preview area in the Spellcheck window, or click into the document behind the window to make the change.
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Find out how to make the most of “Editor” (formerly Spellcheck) in Section 8 of the book

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