Stop the Annoying Formatting Pop-Up When Pasting in Word

This formatting pop-up can be handy in Word, but mostly it’s just annoying when all you want to do is paste.

That tiny clipboard icon that pops up whenever you paste something into a Word file can get pretty annoying. It obscures the text and gets clicked inadvertently. It’s usually just technology getting in the way.

Here is how to turn it off in Word 365/2019. Windows instructions follow the Mac instructions. The process hasn’t changed much since 2003.

Word 365, Mac 2019

In Word’s Preferences under “Edit”, deselect the option under “Cut and Paste Options” that says “Show Paste Options buttons”.

Word 365, Windows

In the Windows version of Word, go to File > Options > Advanced, and under Cut, copy, and paste, deselect “Show paste options button when content is pasted.”


Shut down Word to save this setting before Word crashes.

Your mileage may vary. Word may not cooperate, regardless of your settings. Keep trying.

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