Little-known Word Shortcuts

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If you are using control + S to save like you’ve got a twitch (and what MS user hasn’t learned to save obsessively), you already know that shortcuts will save you a lot of time over using menus. Here are some surprising, lesser-known keyboard shortcuts that will speed up your productivity.

Insert a commentalt + R, Ccmd + opt + A
Tracked changes on/off (toggle)ctrl + shift + Ecmd + shift + E
Paste and match formattingctrl + shift + Vcmd + opt + shift + V
Exit a comment balloon**escesc
Switch between the last 4 places editedalt + ctrl + Zcmd + opt + Z
Select word, sentence, paragraph or cell, all (repeat to toggle through selections, esc to exit)F8  F8
Display the shortcut for the selected menu itemshift + F10 
* Press the fn as well, if the function keys are assigned to actions such as volume and screen brightness. Cmd is the command key, which is sometimes labelled with an apple or that little circle-cornered square that won’t reproduce online.
** If you have Modern Comments, key cmd + enter to post and exit a comment “balloon”. That’s ctrl + enter for Windows users.


Word adds and removes functions at will. Your mileage may vary.

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