New Edition of EIW365 Available Now

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Teachers, request a desk copy to consider this resource for your classes.

Head on over to Lulu to buy the epub, updated and doubled in size!

In the preface, you’ll find a password for the resource site where you’ll find:

  • 200 tutorial demo videos
  • Exercise file downloads
  • Further readings
  • Links to recommended resources
  • Extras like editing checklists & cheat sheets
  • Updates that support ongoing Word changes
  • Other download formats of the book, like PDF to print it or mobi for Kindle

Read Ebooks without a Special Device

Don’t have a Kindle or Kobo? No problem! The epub file will open right on your computer (or phone!) with software you already have!

  • Windows opens with Adobe Digital Editions
  • Mac opens in iBooks
  • Android opens in Google Play
  • iPhone opens in iBooks
  • iPad opens in iBooks
  • Chromebook opens in OverDrive

Plus, a PDF version is available from the support site for download and printing at your convenience.

What’s in the New Edition?

Now double the size, this expanded and updated edition incorporates an entire booklet on working with tables and three sections on ways to customize your workspace and combine and manipulate the features to hack the tools for maximum effect. Plus, it covers all of Word’s updates including changes to Modern Comments, Track Changes, Spellcheck, and the new Editor toolset.

Peek at the table of contents:

Click image to enlarge it

Try an Exercise

The book contains over 29 self-check exercises like this one on using styles. Click the button to try the exercise.

Got a gnarly Word problem? Submit your problem and we’ll try to answer it in the Q&A thread.

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