Q&A: Finding Hyperlinks in Word

QHow can I find all the hyperlinks in a document?

AThere’s actually a RegEx for this (a “regular expression”). Type ^d in the Find field.

The trick is that, first, all the field codes need to be visible, or the search will return zero matches. That means that the links show their coding onscreen, like this:

{ HYPERLINK “https://eiw365.com” } 

Rather than showing the linked words, like this: eiw365.com.

book cover of eiw365
Learn more about working with hyperlinks in Section 16 of the self-study book, and more on RegEx in Section 10.1!

The easiest way to reveal that coding is to right-click on any hyperlink you can see, then select Toggle Field Codes from the context menu that opens.

To show all the field codes, place the cursor anywhere in the document but on a link, then key*:

? cmd + F9

? alt + F9

*You may need to also press the “fn” key if your F-keys default to actions like volume or brightness control.

Select Toggle Field Codes (or use the keyboard shortcut) again to return to the regular view showing only the linked text (not the code).

Editing hyperlinks right in the field code view

It’s also possible to edit the destination link right in that field code showing in the document.

The URL pop-up on this sample text is the only clue that there’s a link here.


Add Toggle Field Codes to your Quick Access Toolbar or to the custom ribbon you can learn how to create in Section 33.4!

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