Word Essentials, 4-week course

Join fellow editors in this 4-week course on the essentials of Word for editors, starting May 26th. Hit the editing desk at full speed!


  • Mac or Windows computer
  • Internet access
  • Video watching & docx file download ability
  • MS Word 365 (or as old as Word 2019*)
  • Free Slack account
  • No editing experience required!

*Not much has changed since the 2016 version of Word, so users of older versions will get a lot out of this course too.

What you’ll learn

Beyond the basics of:

  • Track Changes
  • Styles
  • Find & Replace (with RegEx & Wildcards)

See the full course syllabus at Archer Editorial Training!

How it works

Each week at noon Eastern on Thursday, we’ll gather in our exclusive Slack channel to check in, problem solve, and talk about that week’s lesson. The lessons are available for you to view, review, and complete at any time.

Each lesson has a short reading, a video demo or two (for Mac and Windows, both), and an exercise. There is no grading, only learning opportunities. We concentrate on using the tools, not on the language of the materials.

There will be one wrap-up check-in after the 4th lesson, to address any lingering questions or insights.

Can’t make the time slot?

Not to worry! The course materials are always available on Archer Editorial Training and our course Slack channel will be available any time. Access never expires! The instructor will check messages and posts daily.


US $100 — register now

About the instructor

Adrienne Montgomerie literally wrote the book on Editing in Word and has been teaching editors to use Word since 2012. Learn more at Archer Editorial Training!

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