Q&A: Can I accept only formatting changes?

Q Is there a way to only accept all formatting changes without accepting moved text? I can’t make it show *only* formatting. I can hide insertions/deletions and “accept all shown,” but that would also accept moves?

A You got it! Just hide all changes except the formatting ones and “Accept All Changes Shown” as shown in the steps below:

Step 1—In this sample, we’re about to deselect “Insertions and Deletions” from the Markup Options in the Tracking area of the Review tab on the ribbon. That will drop the colour-coding for those changes as well as for moves (the green double-underlined words in the example above indicate moved content).
Step 2—Now that only Formatting changes are showing, select “Accept All Changes Shown” from the Accept icon menu in the Changes area of the Review tab/ribbon. (You can also click Reject for similar options.)
Step 3—Reverse Step 1 to see all the moves/adds/omits again (re-check “Insertions and Deletions” from the Markup Options in the Tracking area of the Review tab). Notice that the formatting change (selected text) is no longer marked up.
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Find out more about using Track Changes in Chapter 3 of the book.


Sometimes Word won’t hide the moved text; watch out for that.

Mac users will find the option to markup formatting changes with “None” under Preferences in the Markup Options on the Review ribbon.
Windows users see this set of Preferences under Markup Options.

Prevent Word from tracking formatting changes by turning off that option in the Track Changes Preferences.

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