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What to Do With an Edited Word File

Your manuscript just came back from the copyeditor or proofreader. Now what?

Mock Shock
After you freak out over all the mark-up, tell yourself this is typical for professional writing, take a breath, and roll up your sleeves.

It’s time to check the changes the editor made, answer their questions, and clear up any remaining issues. The file will probably go back to the editor for some final clean up. If it doesn’t, you have to clear ALL markup to make it ready for the printer/ production department.

There may be a lot of work left. This is typical and does not mean the writing is terrible. Even if an editor wrote it, she could expect as many edits on her work; writing is like that. Addressing edits takes an average of 1 hr per 2500 words, so settle yourself in and let’s go.

Short Version| Long Version

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