Q&A: How can I paste without formatting?

QI copied text with formatting I don’t want to keep. How can I paste it without that formatting?

AEasy! There’s both a built-in keyboard shortcut and a button:

If you’re copying content from somewhere else and don’t want to cary the formatting into your document, use the handy keyboard shortcut with just a bit of finger yoga.

Paste without formatting!
Mac: shift + opt + cmd + V
Windows: shift + alt + ctrl + V

This will match the font family, type and size to wherever it is pasted and strip any links or other coding. That way material from elsewhere in the document can be moved without wreaking havoc — or from a website such as for quotes or boilerplate content like bios and “about us” text.

The other option is to select Paste text only from the dropdown menu of the Paste button found on the Home ribbon.

Click the clipboard button on the left edge of the Home ribbon to open this menu of options.

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