Reject All Changes by Reviewer 2

In contrast to last week’s post, there are times when you may want to reject all changes by just one reviewer. Perhaps they misunderstood the brief, or used the wrong style guide. Or perhaps they’re the dreaded “Reviewer 2.” No matter what reason you’ve got, ditching their suggestions is easy. It takes only a few clicks. Hooray!

First, hide everyone else’s changes: on the Review ribbon for Mac users, click Markup Options, scroll down to Reviewers, and click All. Windows users click Show Markup on the Review ribbon, then select All Reviewers from Specific People. Finally, return to the Show Markup/Options icon and select the one reviewer whose mark up you want to see.

You may want to scroll through that reviewer’s changes now to be sure any changes that need to be incorporated are accepted. But take note of the snafu alert below.

Reject all changes shown in both the Comments area and in the Changes area.

Now click the tiny arrows beside “reject” in both the Comments area and in the Changes area of the Review ribbon and select “reject all … shown”. (Detailed instructions are in another post.)

Finally, go back to the Markup Options and set it to show all Reviewers’ markup again.

Snafu Alert

Everyone’s changes are showing when you tell Word to flag only one reviewer’s markup, and they’re still tracked. Those changes just are not flagged in the current view anymore. This can result in some horrid messiness, where both deleted and inserted text are shown. Just remember the purpose of what you’re doing and resist the urge to fix oddness until everyone’s changes are flagged (shown) again.

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Find out more about using Track Changes starting on pp. 8–27 of the book.

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