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10 Things to Add to Word’s AutoCorrect

Word’s “autocorrect as you type” feature can be used as a built-in text expander to save you thousands of keystrokes over a single day. Here are ten suggestions to get you started.

  1. your initials → your full name
  2. ph → your phone number
  3. e[ → your email address
  4. abb → abbreviation
  5. a[ → AU: Change ok?
  6. x space → ×
  7. / space → ÷
  8. c/ → ¢
  9. cite → AU: Please add a complete citation for this quote to the references.
  10. wtf → AU: Can you explain this to me another way so that I may suggest an edit for clarity?

Once you’ve started entering these “shortcuts” you’ll start noticing more times an expander can be put to use. Maybe it could enter your mailing address, or the entire intro text for a file transmittal message.

How to Create AutoCorrect Entries

Mac users, open Word Preferences and click AutoCorrect.

Windows users, go to File > Options > Proofing. Then click the AutoCorrect Options…


Be sure to close down Word so that these changes will be saved. If Word crashes before you shut down, all your new AutoCorrects will be lost.

How do you put AutoCorrect to use? Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #wordwranglingwednesday.

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For more tips on working with Find and Replace, start on p. 99 of the book.

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