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Mac’s new Find in Document Pop-up for Word

Typing cmd + F now opens this Find in Document pop-up in MS Word for Mac. The pop-up works much the same way as this simple find always did. And clicking the kabob menu to the right of the Search field opens the drop-down menu shown, where you can launch the Replace window or the Search pane (sidebar) to see a list of matches for the searched characters.

Search field update!

The Search field at the top right edge of the Word window border still searches within the document by default, but now includes a bunch of “suggested actions” that no one has ever wanted when opening the Find function. Though it does give access to the Search “sidebar” pane by clicking on “Find and replace.”

The Search Pane this new menu promises is a new web search “powered by Bing”—not the Word Search sidebar/pane at all. The Search in Pictures option is also a web search using Bing, not a search of your own computer or MS Word media.

How to access Word’s new Search window on a Mac

a map "locator pin" styled as the MS Word logo
For tips on using F&R to maximum effect, including wildcards and RegEx, see Section 11 of the book.

Launch this new Search tool by clicking on it, or do the new finger-yoga keyboard shortcut:

cmd + ctrl + U