Q&A: Spellcheck Is Now in “Editor” in Word

QWhere did Spellcheck go!?

AIt’s tucked inside “Editor” now. It’s pretty much the same, except that readability statistics are found in an area of the Editor pane too, not after running Spellcheck. See the demos below.

Editor is now where spellcheck is found. There’s a button on the right end of the Home ribbon (shown above) as well as on the Review ribbon, at the far left (shown below). The video demos below show how it works on Mac and Windows (video two).
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Quick-start info for running a full Spellcheck

  1. Click the Editor button on the ribbon
  2. Click the Spelling bar on the pane that opens on the right

The “Editing Score” is a value Word came up with based on some calculation of the number of perceived grammar and spelling errors as well as the word count.

Demos of Spellcheck in Word for Mac & Windows

🍏 Spellcheck in the “Editor” on a Mac

🖼 Spellcheck in the “Editor” on Windows


Readability statistics don’t automatically display once the spellcheck is done. Click on the Document Stats to see Word’s Flesch-Kincaid assessment.

book cover of eiw365
Learn more about Spellcheck in Section 8 of the self-study book.

It’s harder to get at the customizations to import a special dictionary or exclude words. Refer to the Spellcheck section in the self-study workbook starting on page 32 for further instructions.

I’ve tried the “check for similarity to online sources” but always stalled out with no results.

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