Working With Tables: Add or Delete Rows and Columns

There are several easy ways to add or delete columns and rows in tables within MS Word:

  • Right-click and select from the context menu.
  • Select from the icons on the (Table) Layout Ribbon.
  • Select the row/column and cut it using ctrl + X (cmd + X on a Mac).
  • Select the Eraser icon on the (Table) Layout Ribbon and drag it over the undesired elements.
  • And, if all you want to do is add a row: place the cursor outside the end of the row, then press Enter.
Word's table layout ribbon
This Layout ribbon appears when the cursor is placed in a table. Use the icons in the Rows & Columns group on the left to add table elements. Click the Delete icon to expand its options.
Click the Delete icon to expand its options.

Check out the demo video below to see these methods in action.

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