Developmental Editing Tool: Navigation Pane

Some developmental edits require heavy lifting. If you’ve got to move sections of text, whole chapters even, you’ll love the convenience of the Navigation pane. Just click on a heading and you can move that whole section anywhere. Trick is, the document has to use Styles to set headings first.

Watch the demo below for Windows users. Sorry Mac users, you’ll have to stick to using the Outline view. It packs in a lot more functionality anyway.

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For more about working with Styles, start on page 59 of the book. Check page page 67 for more on Outline View.

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2 thoughts on “Developmental Editing Tool: Navigation Pane”

  1. The Navigation Pane is too wide. I want it back the way it was in Word 2010. I know how to change it temporarily in one document, but it reverts to the default when I exit that document. Can’t find this anywhere online!

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