Horizontal Review Pane for Mac

Call it a glitch, but if you’re missing the horizontal Reviewing Pane option in MS Word on your Mac, you can turn this glitch into a happy hack!

Create a macro for adding a comment and assign a shortcut to it. That’s it. You don’t have to add anything else to the macro. Using the macro will automatically open each new comment in a Reviewing Pane along the bottom of the screen (see figure).

You can even assign the existing New Comment shortcut, so this macro overrides the in-built action: cmd + opt + A.

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For instructions on recording a macro, see page 76 in the 2nd edition of the book.


To reply to a comment, place the cursor in the “parent” comment then use the button on the Review ribbon to add a New Comment. Do not use the new macro you created; that results only in an error message.

To close the horizontal Reviewing Pane, click the Remove Split button on the View ribbon.

For Windows Users

Select your preference for the Reviewing Pane in the Tracking group on the Review ribbon (shown below).

Windows users can set the Reviewing Pane preference on the Review ribbon.

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